Equipment Description

The BRILLANT 240 is a compact, semi-automatic and flexible wet abrasive cutter with a 254mm / 10 "cutting disc, designed for samples with a maximum diameter of 95mm. This robust machine combines the speed of a manual cutter with the advantages of automatic cutters.

Thanks to the hand lever with electromechanical locking brake and its easy one-handed operation, the BRILLANT 240's vertical movement and horizontal positioning of the cutting blade become child's play. The cutting table has automatic and dynamic movement (for pulse cutting) and manual movement that allows quick cuts with the wheel (horizontal movement). For more complex applications (eg series cutting), this machine can be equipped with an automatic transverse movement (optional).

The cutter wheel cover is positioned in vertical cuts parallel to the table, increasing the capacity and effective radius of the cutter wheel.

A large color display with a newly designed user interface intuitively guides the operator through all the steps of the cutting process. Features such as setting cutting parameters, scheduling maintenance intervals, and a pre-installed consumable list make routine work easy.

The Easy clamping system, which allows you to quickly change, release and fix the clamping tools, as well as the side openings for the introduction of very large or long pieces offer additional comfort.


  • Manual vertical movement (Y-axis) with electromechanical holding brake
  • Care-Cut: Facilitates a smooth cut
  • 7 "touch screen with intuitive user interface
  • Automatic horizontal movement (X-axis) - manual horizontal movement via steering wheel
  • Displacement control as a function of cutting force (X axis)
  • Cutting chamber illuminated by row of LEDs
  • Blade with greater cutting capacity thanks to the parallel positioning of the deck with respect to the table in vertical cuts
  • Openings on both sides for the introduction of long samples


  • Cutting disc up to 254 mm / 10 "
    Max size of the sample Ø 95 mm
    X-axis (horizontal) automatic and manual 255 mm

    Y axis manual

    170 mm
    Z axis (automatic parallel cutting) (optional) 120 mm
    Z axis motion accuracy 0.1 mm
    Table without Z axis, AxF 380 x 270 mm
    Z axis table, AxF 300 x 270 mm
    Groove width 12 mm
    Network connection power 5.5 kVA
    Drive power (main motor) 3 kW, S1; 4 kW, S3 / 60%
    Speed 3015 rpm at 50 Hz / 3100 rpm at 60Hz
    A x H x F 925 x 676 x 756 mm
    Weight (depending on equipment) ~ 130 kg