Equipment Description

The BRILLANT 285 is an industrial cutter with an innovative design and intuitive operation that meets the highest demands in terms of space utilization and cutting possibilities. Fully automatic cutting sequences can be programmed via the touch screen control panel.

It has a water-cooled 15 kW main motor, built into the tilt arm. The highly dynamic drive of the axes enables a speed of up to 80 mm / sec to be reached both in the horizontal plane (X axis) and in the vertical plane (Y axis).
Its innovative transverse movement (Z axis) through the tilting arm makes it possible to optimally use the space in the cutting chamber.

In vertical cuts, the protective cover of the blade is positioned parallel to the table, increasing the capacity of the blade. Easy access to the wide cutting table with longitudinal and transverse grooves through the side and sliding doors, both with a safety closing system that interlocks when the blade is in motion. Changing the blade disc can be done very conveniently through the side door if it is moved in the Z axis all the way to the right. Robust cabinet in welded steel with automatic cooling and central lubrication circuits.


  • Automatic horizontal and vertical movement (X / Y axes) with a speed of up to 80 mm / sec thanks to the highly dynamic drive
  • Automatic transverse movement (Z axis) of the cutting disc
  • MPP multi-position process
  • Blade with greater cutting capacity thanks to the parallel positioning of the deck with respect to the table in vertical cuts
  • Large stainless steel cutting table with longitudinal and transverse grooves
  • Wide side and sliding doors, for optimal access to the cutting chamber, with safety lock
  • Sliding door with wide scratch resistant safety glass window
  • Touch screen operation with QATM control software
  • Memory for unlimited number of programs, password protection for data exchange and backups
  • Remote diagnosis and online support through the control (requires ISDN connection / VPN access)
  • Guide by menu with "drag and drop" function, for the creation of compact sequences by programming movement steps and cutting modes (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, in stages, by segments)
  • Programming of cutting sequences with an unlimited number of positions, e.g. for cuts in series or with different offsets
  • Variable, pulse or continuous displacement
  • Displacement control based on cutting force and soft start
  • Variable speed
  • Control of all axes of movement through a joystick
  • Blade guard flange and cutting chamber lighting
  • EASY nut
  • Wide range of tools and clamping systems
  • 15 kW water-cooled main motor, integrated in the tilt arm
  • Automatic central lubrication (requires a pressure of 6 bar)
  • Sturdy cabinet in powder-coated steel


  • Cutting disc Up to Ø 600 mm / 24 "
    Max size of the sample Ø 244 mm
    Max distance disc cutting 190 mm (cutting disc Ø 500 mm)
    Disc holder Ø 32/40 mm
    Automatic X axis 550 mm
    Automatic Y axis 360 mm
    Automatic Z axis 550 mm
    Z axis motion accuracy 0.1mm
    AxF table 750 x 600 mm, stainless
    Groove width 12 mm
    Speed variable 1000-2400 rpm
    Drive power (main motor) 15 kW S1
    Network connection power 30 kVA
    A x H x F 1488 x 1960 x 1477 mm
    Weight ~ 1600 kg (depending on equipment)