JADE 700

Equipment Description

The JADE 700 is a stable dual belt sander for roughing and pre-sanding specimens or other materials.

The belts are easily accessible, and the user can use belts with two different grain sizes at the same time. A water outlet allows the removal of sanding dust.


  • Two abrasive belts
  • Water cooling
  • Manual centering of tapes

JADE 700

  • Sanding bands Bands without end 100 x 920 / 100x915 mm
    Band speed 7 m / sec
    Water intake 1 water connection R½ "max. 6 bar
    Water outlet left and right, Ø 40 mm
    Water valve left and right
    Network connection power 1.4 kVA
    Drive power (main motor) 0.75 kW S6 / 60%
    A x H x F 630 x 250 x520 mm
    Weight ~ 55 kg