OPAL 410
  • Equipment Description

The OPAL 410 is a fully hydraulic, water-cooled, hot-mount specimen press with a water-saving function and bayonet lock.

It has an electronic control and an LCD screen through which the automatic assembly process can be configured. The molds are easily changed without the need for tools. The cabinet is robust and is made of powder-coated aluminum.

Thanks to its solid design and the hydraulic system developed by QATM, this machine is very quiet in operation. The possibility of using Ø 25.2 - 40 mm molds and setting different pressure application modes guarantees optimal filling of the samples. The use of a spacer piston makes it possible to perform double assemblies in one operation.


  • Automatic hot mount press
  • Fully hydraulic, with water cooling
  • Bayonet lock
  • Fully automatic work sequences
  • Easily replaceable molds
  • Sturdy cabinet in powder-coated aluminum

OPAL 410

  • Mold Ø 25.2 - 40 mm (6 different sizes)
    Closing system Bayonet
    Temperature range 20-200 ° C
    Heating time variable, 0-30 rpm
    Cooling time variable, 0-30 rpm
    Max pressure / mold, depending on size 450 bar
    Network connection power 3.1 kVA
    Heating power 4x 500 W
    A x H x F 350 x 400 x 450 mm
    Weight ~ 40 kg