OPAL 480

Equipment Description

The OPAL 480 is a fully hydraulic, water-cooled, hot-mount specimen press with water-saving function.

In this press, the assembly process is carried out automatically. Its innovative sliding cover allows the pressing chamber to be opened and closed very easily. The molds are easily changed without the need for tools. Also accepts rectangular shaped molds. The cabinet is robust and is made of powder-coated aluminum.

Thanks to its solid design and the hydraulic system developed by QATM, this machine is very quiet in operation. The possibility of using round molds with Ø 50 - 70 mm or rectangular ones of 30x60 / 40x60 mm, and of configuring different modes of application of pressure guarantees an optimal filling of the samples. The use of a spacer plunger makes it possible to perform double assemblies in one operation.

The OPAL 460 and OPAL 480 presses are not only offered as table-top models, but also as models built into a Systemlabor cabinet. Thanks to its integration in the system, a comfortable working height is obtained.

These presses that can be integrated into the Systemlabor can be optionally equipped with a closed water cooling circuit that gives autonomy to the workplace by not having to be near water intakes, and also reduces consumption to a single 6-liter filling . The built-in presses are supplied in double or triple units, in a powder-coated aluminum cabinet, and are flexibly incorporated into the QATM Systemlabor.


  • Electronic control, fully automatic
  • Sliding lid for easy closing of the bale chamber
  • Large LCD display with easy to operate user interface
  • Memory for 18 freely configurable programs
  • 4 pressure application modes
  • Automatic water cooling (with water saving function)
  • Fully hydraulic mounting technology
  • Double mounting
  • Easily replaceable molds
  • Sturdy cabinet in powder-coated aluminum
  • Available as a model that can be integrated into the Systemlabor, with a comfortable working height and a closed water cooling circuit

OPAL 480

  • Mold Ø 50 mm / Ø 60 mm / Ø 70 mm
    rectangular 30 x 60 mm
    rectangular 40 x 60 mm
    Closing system Sliding cover
    Temperature range 20-200 ° C
    Heating time Dimmable
    Cooling time Dimmable
    Max pressure / mold, depending on size 310 bar
    Network connection power 3.6 kVA
    Heating power 4x 630 W
    A x H x F 390 x 450 x 500 mm
    Weight ~ 68 kg