Equipment Description


QATM's Qpol 300BOTs are compact and uniquely designed machines that fully automatically perform the entire sanding, polishing, cleaning and drying process.


These machines have a very easy to operate electronic control, accessible through the touch screen, in which all the parameters and preparation sequences are recorded. In this way, in addition to offering documentary sequences that are now reproducible at all times, they offer more space for the evaluation of the sample.


The powder-coated aluminum cabinet is made up of the same modules as the Systemlabor and can be flexibly configured with 4 to 8 stations, according to needs. This allows up to 11 steps to be programmed in a single setup sequence, such as rough roughing, sanding, polishing, cleaning and drying.


Manual transfer of the sample from one machine to another, as well as tedious intermediate cleaning by hand, are completely eliminated.


Thanks to their modular design, the PLCs offer an excellent price-performance ratio that makes their use profitable, even in laboratories with a not so high volume of work.



  • Automatic sharpening and polishing.
  • Individual configuration.
  • Sample holder loader.
  • Modular furniture in powder-coated aluminum.
  • Graphic touch screen with separate control of each of the stations.
  • Integrated electrical control cabinets on both sides.
  • Light barrier that prevents access to the danger zone



  • Sanding and polishing station
  • Cleaning station for ethanol, water
  • Ultrasonic cleaning station
  • Flat sanding station
  • Record changer