SAPHIR 550 / RUBIN 520

Equipment Description

The SAPHIR 550 with the RUBIN 520 is a single-plate sander / polisher with an innovatively designed specimen head, for Ø 200 - 300 mm discs.

With an integrated, automatic head safety screen, this machine sets new standards in workplace safety. Central and individual pressure, memory function, possibility of incorporating a dispenser, function for measuring detached material - these are some of the innumerable features offered by the electronic control system.

The height-adjustable motorized head with pneumatic lock and the other features of the basic model SAPHIR 350 meet the highest demands. The sanding / polishing height can be set to an accuracy of 0.01mm. The system automatically measures the amount of material released. Once the preset value is reached, the machine stops.


  • Single Deck Sander / Polisher with Rubin 520 Head
  • Central and individual pressure
  • Variable speed of the work plate and the head
  • Electronic control of operation via touch screen
  • Program memory
  • Head with clockwise and counterclockwise rotation
  • Head with memory function for horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • Automatic security screen

SAPHIR 550 / RUBIN 520

  • Plates Ø 200 - 300 mm
    No. of samples (individual pressure) 1-6 samples  Ø 50 mm
    Applied force, individual pressure variable, 5-100 N
    Applied force, central pressure variable, 20-400 N
    Network connection power 3.2 kVA

    Drive power


    0.75 kW S6 / 40%

    Drive power


    0.17 kW S1
    Speed (sander) 50 - 600 rpm
    Speed (head) 30 - 150 rpm
    A x H x F 560 x 550-650 x 660 mm
    Weight ~ 85 kg
    Water intake

    1 water inlet R1 / 2 "max.

    6 bar

    Sanding / Polishing Automatic