Equipment Description

The new SAPHIR VIBRO polisher has been conceived for the final polishing without deformation of metallographic samples. This is ideal for the preparation of samples that will be subjected to analytical techniques such as electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), nanoindentations using atomic force microscopes (AFM) or microhardness tests.

Thanks to the particularly gentle material removal, this machine is suitable for polishing very soft and ductile materials such as titanium-aluminum, copper or copper alloys, materials based on nickel, aluminum and aluminum alloys, mild steels, etc.

The large Ø 308 mm cuvette offers enough space for very large specimens, complete specimen holders or the simultaneous polishing of up to 21 specimens. Both the bucket and its fixing system are magnetized, which facilitates the replacement of the bucket and polishing cloths, as well as cleaning. Magnetic polishing cloths with a diameter of 300mm or 305mm (12 ") can be used with this machine.

The user interface is very intuitive and offers a number of user-friendly features.

  • Automatic selection of the optimal vibration frequency based on the weight of the sample within a range of 60 - 120Hz, which makes it possible to dispense with manual adjustment.
  • Surface-Guard operating mode for programming indefinite polishing times, which prevents the sample from drying out or corroding if the polishing program has ended in the absence of the user.
  • Polishing programs with their corresponding consumables for a wide variety of materials already installed that can be loaded by the user.
  • Pre-installed consumable list, individually expandable by the user.
  • Memory for 200 user-defined polishing programs.

In order to ensure optimal working conditions, the SAPHIR VIBRO comes with a connection for an external exhaust system. Thanks to its anti-vibration design, the operation of this machine is very quiet.


  • Tray with magnetic attachment system for easy replacement
  • Surface-Gard Mode: reduces crystallization and corrosion of the sample surface
  • Automatic frequency control from 60-120 Hz, eg for mass variation
  • Intuitive operation via touch screen
  • Predefined consumable list and preparation methods
  • Very quiet operation, unattended almost indefinitely
  • Connection for external suction system (more comfortable and safe operation)
  • Memory for 200 user-defined preparation methods


  • Polishing bowl Ø 308 mm (compatible with 300 mm or 305 mm (12 ") polishing cloths)
    Vibration frequency 60 - 120 GHz
    Connections USB, Ethernet
    Network connection power 0.25 kVA
    Drive power (sanding disc) 135 kVA
    A x H x F 510 x 300 x 590 mm
    Weight ~ 45 kg
    Sanding / Polishing Automatic