EP models

Equipment Description

The EP Models Vitroceramic Heating Plates do differ from the other models by having the Digital controller panel
external, remote control type.

Hot plate models (also known as glass hot plate or hot plate) reach a temperature of 500 ° C and have a perfectly flat, high-strength glass-ceramic surface that can heat samples quickly without corrosion.


Microprocessed digital control with PID function for ramp and a landing or analog model, with temperature adjustment by regulator button.
Maximum temperature of 500 ° C between glass and heating elements.
Stainless steel structure (except the glass ceramic model) with high resistance to corrosion.
High quality heating elements and components to ensure a long product life.
Vitroceramic surface free of metallic elements.
Resistant to thermal shock.
Shielded thermocouple (pyrometer).
Low energy consumption.
2 years warranty.

EP models

  • Model

    Heat area

    Ø - Diameter

    Width x length


    External * (mm)

    H x W x L

    cv210ep 340x220 165x440x320
    cv310ep 500x300 165x600x400
    cv410ep 400x390 165x500x490
    cv510ep 600x400 165x700x500

  • Model







    cv210ep 2.2 10.2 220v
    cv310ep 3.3 14 220v
    cv410ep 4.4 14.4 220v
    cv510ep 5.5 18 220v