Equipment Description

The ELEMENTRAC ON-p is an oxygen and nitrogen analyzer in inorganic samples based on thermal extraction with carrier gas and equipped with a pulse oven that reaches temperatures above 3000 ° C.

The ELEMENTRAC ON-p is characterized by its precision and speed, as well as offering a wide variety of application possibilities for the analysis of metals, ceramics and inorganic samples.

The ELEMENTRAC ON-p can be equipped with up to 2 independent infrared cells that allow you to determine the oxygen content in both high and low concentrations. Nitrogen concentration in the sample is measured by a robust and highly sensitive thermal conductivity cell.


  • Simultaneous determination of nitrogen and oxygen using the carrier gas thermal extraction technique
  • NEW: Closed gas system and optimized gas circulation for the sensitive determination of O and N
  • NEW: Use of argon as carrier gas possible
  • NEW: Powerful catalyst furnace for accurate oxygen measurement
  • NEW: Electronically controlled gas flow system and new waterproof test
  • NEW: Water-cooled sample loading mechanism ensures efficient removal of atmospheric gases
  • Flexible measurement ranges and settings for O and N
  • High sensitivity IR cells and thermal conductivity cell with low detection limits
  • Short analysis time
  • NEW: Chemicals and tubes are hidden behind a door (removable)
  • NEW: Powerful software supports export of application data, with comment fields
  • single-point and multi-point calibration (linear regression)
  • NEW: cooling via tap water, heat exchanger or chiller
  • New design allows operation in production control and in the laboratory


  • Elements Nitrogen, oxygen
    Type of samples Inorganic
    Oven position Vertical
    Sample holder Graphite crucibles

    Application area

    Steel / metallurgy, ceramics, engineering / electronics
    Type of oven Impulse electrode furnace (max. 8.5 KW *), temperatures above 3,000 ° C
    Measuring principle

    Solid State Infrared Absorption for Thermal Conductivity of Oxygen for Nitrogen

    Typical analysis time 120 - 180 s
    Required Chemicals Sodium hydroxide, magnesium perchlorate, copper oxide
    Required gases

    Compressed air, 99.995% pure helium, 99.995% pure argon (if required), all gases with (2 - 4 bar / 30 - 60 psi)

    Electric connection 3 ~ 400 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 8,500 W
    Measurements (A x H x F) 57 x 77 x 63 cm
    Weight ~ 161 kg
    Required Accessories 0001 g, PC, balance (resolution 0, monitor)
    Optional gadgets

    External cooler, gas purification, gas calibration unit

    Limited to 6.8 kw in application settings