FM Expert

Equipment Description

The FM EXPERT is the next level optical emission spectrometer, combining superior analytical performance with compact size. Its wide wavelength range is ideal for the analysis of all relevant elements in the assurance of the quality of metals and the control of the production process. The FM EXPERT also allows nitrogen analysis at low levels thanks to its compact CCD optics system.

The FM EXPERT combines our patented smart optics with an enhanced plasma sight, ensuring excellent analytical performance with low detection limits across the entire wavelength range. Argon-purged optics reduce maintenance intervals and cost of ownership. The FM EXPERT's unique sealed argon system for optimized optical plasma vision and concentric electrode shield argon flow ensure reliable nitrogen analysis up to a detection limit of just 30 ppm.


  • Nitrogen analysis at low levels.
  • Maximum run time, minimum downtime.
  • Excellent long-term stability and precision.
  • Low cost of ownership with optimized power and argon consumption.
  • Complete metal database included, for quick and easy quality identification.
  • Optional floor stand model.

FM Expert