ToniMIX Expert (6225)

Equipment Description

Operation in accordance with the standard according to EN 196-1, EN 196-3, EN 480-1, ASTM C 305, ASTM C 359, ASTM C 451, ISO 679 and according to own specifications.

Automatic mixing of cement, mortar, plaster and other materials, including automated sand and water feeds

Main benefits for the user:

  • High standard of safety at work, ease of use and compliance with regulations such as the ToniMIX Standard.
  • Convenient programming of customer-specific own mixing processes, also in accordance with local regulations
  • Infinite adjustable stirring rate and water dosage for individual standards and building materials, e.g. lightweight building materials

Categories: Adhesives, Cement, Sample Preparation, Test Instruments

ToniMIX Expert (6225)