ToniPRAX (1544)

Equipment Description

Load frame for efficient and standard-compliant flexural strength tests on mortar prisms, preferably 40x40x160 mm prisms according to EN 196 and ISO 679.

  • Accuracy : Quality Class 1 / EN ISO 7500-1 / DIN 51220
  • Sizes : 10 kN / 20 kN / 50 kN

Categories: Adhesives, Cement, Chemicals, Flexural Strength Testing Machines, Mortar, Testing Machines


  • Convertible load frame for compressive strength testing
  • Load measurement per precision load cell on DMS-basis
  • Prepared for connection to a ToniNORM-Powerbox as standard
  • Can be combined with up to two loading frames of the ToniNORM modular system
  • For this cargo frame are various optional accessories and extensions available.

ToniPRAX (1544)