OE 750

Equipment Description

Optical Emission Spectroscopy, otherwise known as OES, is a trusted and widely used analytical technique for determining the elemental composition of a wide range of metals.

Our stationary optical emission spectrometers offer the highest levels of precision and accuracy of analytical results, with state-of-the-art CMOS and CCD technology. A powerful yet easy-to-use software package covers almost all applications.


  • Analyze most metals and their alloys, including critical, residual, trace, tramp, and inoculants
  • Wide spectral range covering almost all interesting elements, including nitrogen in steel
  • Integrated grade database
  • Results at your fingertips: wide range of result forms, automatic storage
  • Very short commissioning and measurement time
  • Sample holder accessible from three sides
  • High resolution CMOS and CCD technology for the best spectral line separation
  • Extensive results, reporting, and result processing options
  • Excellent long-term stability, ensured by Peak Position Alignment (PPA)
  • Continuous use, even in difficult conditions

OE 750