Equipment Description

Surface carbon determination is a special type of analysis that finds application, for example, in the quality control area of the metal industry.

ELTRA's SurfaceC-800 is designed for the precise determination of surface carbon in a wide variety of solid samples. This analyzer measures concentrations from ppm to 1000 µg / cm2. The SurfaceC-800 is equipped with a resistance furnace with a quartz tube where the sample is oxidized at a temperature of up to 1000 ° C. The temperature can be programmed exactly in steps of 1 ° C.

The SurfaceC-800's detection system is highly sensitive, accurate, reliable, long-life, and can be tailored to individual user needs. This analyzer can be equipped with two combined infrared cells, of different sensitivity, to ensure an even more precise measurement of surface carbon.


  • Determination of surface carbon with minimal sample preparation
  • Large sample analysis (up to 32 x 145 m)
  • Fast, accurate and reliable determination of elements
  • For a wide variety of samples
  • Resistance oven with temperature up to 1550 ° C, adjustable in steps of 1 ° C
  • Wide and flexible measuring range thanks to individual configuration of IR cells
  • Optional gold IR path for analysis of samples containing halogen or acid
  • Calibration with standards or gas dosing
  • Special design of airlock for the introduction of the sample in the furnace that prevents the entry of air and therefore CO2
  • Powerful software (multi-language, custom user interface, data export)
  • Single-point and multi-point calibration
  • Electronic gas flow control
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Robust design that enables use both in the laboratory and in production control


  • Elements Carbon
    Type of samples Inorganic
    Oven position Horizontal
    Sample holder Quartz boats
    Application area Steel / metallurgy, ceramic
    Type of oven Resistance furnace (quartz tube), up to 1000 ° C (adjustable)
    Max size of the sample 32 x 145 mm
    Measuring principle Infrared absorption
    Number of IR cells 1 - 2
    Material of IR path Aluminum (optional gold)
    Typical analysis time 60 - 90 s
    Required Chemicals Sodium hydroxide, magnesium perchlorate
    Required gases 99.5% oxygen (2 - 4 bar / 30 - 60 psi)
    Electric connection 230 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 10 A, 2300 W
    Measurements (A x H x F) 55 x 80 x 60 cm
    Weight ~ 65 kg
    Required Accessories 0001 g, PC, balance (resolution 0, monitor)
    Optional gadgets 5 kVA voltage stabilizer