Equipment Description

Thermogravimetry is a standard method of analysis of organic, inorganic and synthetic samples in which the variation in the weight of a sample is measured after it has been subjected to a certain temperature.

ELTRA's TGA Thermostep ML is a thermogravimetric analyzer that can determine different parameters such as moisture content, volatile matter and ash in a single analysis cycle. The temperature and gas in the oven atmosphere are user-defined.

The TGA Thermostep ML can analyze up to 19 samples weighing 5 g in a single analysis cycle and reaches a maximum temperature of 1000 ° C.


  • Short heating rates, high temperature constancy
  • Simultaneous analysis of up to 19 samples
  • Analysis also of samples of a few grams
  • Crucible lids for manual insertion and removal during analysis
  • Accurate and reliable analysis of moisture, volatile matter and ash content
  • For a wide variety of samples
  • The oven temperature is programmable so that you can set up to 1000 ° C in 1 ° C steps
  • Powerful software (multi-language, custom user interface, data export)
  • Two thermocouples for exact temperature control
  • Balance (resolution 0.0001 g)
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Robust design that enables use both in the laboratory and in production control


  • Elements Ash, volatile matter and moisture content
    Type of samples Inorganic, organic, synthetic
    Application area Agriculture, Food, Biology, Coal / Power Plants, Geology / Mining, Building Materials, Medicine / Pharmacy, Environment / Recycling, Chemical / Plastics, Glass / Ceramics
    Type of oven Ceramic resistance furnace, temperature from 50 to 1000 ° C (programmable in steps of 1 ° C)
    Measuring principle Balance
    Max number of samples 19 crucibles + 1 reference crucible
    Balance resolution 0.0001 g
    Balance accuracy 0.02% RSD
    Required gases According to the type of application:
    oxygen 99.9% (2 - 4 bar)
    and / or nitrogen 99.9% (2 - 4 bar)
    and compressed air 99.5% (5 - 6 bar)
    Electric connection 230 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 32 A
    Measurements (A x H x F) 55 x 52 x 62 cm
    Weight ~ 65 kg
    Required Accessories PC, external exhaust (exhaust diameter: 100 mm / blower with 4m-3 / min), monitor