Equipment Description

ToniNORM is an expandable modular system for computer-controlled automatic tests from 10 kN to 10,000 kN that can be individually assembled according to customer needs.

Up to four load frames from the ToniNORM machine series can be individually combined and can be operated with a single Powerbox (hydraulic power unit) and a single ToniTROL (controller). In this way, each load frame can be optimally adapted to the respective test requirements.

To determine the requested strength, Toni Technik provides intelligent test solutions:

  • Determination of compressive strength according to DIN EN 993-5 and DIN EN ISO 8895
  • Determination of flexural strength according to DIN EN 993-6, DIN EN 843-1, ASTM C1161, DIN EN 658-3 and DIN EN 843-2
  • Determination of the modulus of elasticity according to EN 843-2


  • Modular combinable system
  • individually - High quality, deformation resistant loading frames.
  • Intelligent control system for programmed test procedures, servo-hydraulic control (closed loop)
  • Quality class 1 according to DIN 51220 / EN ISO 7500-1