ToniSET Compact

Equipment Description

Computer controlled automatic Viccat needle instrument that provides six measuring stations for the determination of the setting characteristics of bonding materials, preferably of:

  • Cement according to EN 196, ASTM C 191 and AS / NZS 2350
  • Gypsum according to EN 13279 and ASTM C 472

Categories: Adhesives, Cement, Chemicals, Plaster, Mortar, Protection and Repair, Setting Time (Vicat), Test Instruments


  • Increased efficiency through parallel automatic determination of the setting behavior in accordance with standards
  • Robust, low-maintenance precipitation with automatic penetrating needle cleaning
  • Turbo mode for quick configuration of building materials
  • Easy data export via USB stick
  • Simple conversion to other product standards eg cement, mortar in less than a minute

ToniSET Compact