Equipment Description

The X-MET8000 range of portable X-ray fluorescence (HHXRF) analyzers offers the performance needed for rapid identification of alloy grades and the exact chemical composition of a wide variety of materials (solid and powdered metals, polymers, wood, solutions, soils, ores, minerals, etc.). The X-MET is practical, robust and easy to use for results you can trust.

We offer a range of models to suit all budget and analysis needs, for different applications.


  • Superior design

X-MET enables excellent analysis of light elements ( Mg , Al , Si , P , S , Cl ) with low detection limits and outstanding precision to achieve results you can trust, day after day.

Test a wide range of materials with its versatile patternless fundamental parameter (FP) methods, or use its empirical calibrations when superior accuracy and result traceability is required.

  • Easy to use

With their large touch screen and icon-based user interface, the user training required to operate them is minimal.

  • Superior ergonomics

Lightweight (only 1.5 kg), compact and balanced; you can use the X-MET for long periods of time with minimal fatigue.

  • Robustness for low cost of ownership

IP54 rated (equivalent to NEMA 3), splash water and dust resistant; you can safely use the X-MET indoors or outdoors.

Robustness tested to the MIL-STD-810G military grade standard.

Its optional protective screen avoids costly detector repairs when measuring rough surfaces.

  • Advanced data management

Total flexibility: Store up to 100,000 results on the X-MET circuit board, export reports to a USB flash drive or PC, or automatically store X-MET data securely in the LiveData cloud.